What are the fees for psycho-ed assessments?

What are the fees for psycho-ed assessments?2021-10-24T10:49:20-04:00

I am wondering what the fees are for different types of assessment, ie full psycho-ed, ADHD, etc. Thanks.

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Check out our team page for the current fees for each type of assessment. If you’re interested in a psycho-educational assessment as well as either a socio-emotional or ADHD assessment, you can bundle them together in a “360” assessment, which costs 3600. Full 360 assessments take upwards of 20 hours to complete and include: Initial consultation with parents; 2-4 testing sessions with your child; interviews with teachers and other important collateral sources of information; scoring of all tests and questionnaires; writing of the psychological report; feedback meeting with parents (and with the child, if appropriate); follow up meeting with school team, if parents wish.

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