Parents after emotion focused caregiver workshop kissing baby
Daughter linking mother and grandmother together with her hands on their backs during emotion focused caregiver workshop
Mother and daughter reading I love you mom card on couch during emotion focused caregiver workshop

Strengthen Co-Parenting

Heal Relationships

Enjoy your child again

Dr. Mirisse Foroughe, Child and Family Psychologist in Toronto, and the Family Psychology Centre team will be running the popular Emotion Focused Family Therapy workshops for parents and caregivers.

The caregiver workshop provides tools, support, and practice for parents and caregivers looking to help their loved one through emotional and behavioural problems, mental health challenges, and recovery from a range of clinical disorders. If your child or loved one is experiencing depression, anxiety, anger issues, eating disorders, social difficulties, or any other challenging life circumstance, this workshop is for you. The goals of the workshop include:

Parents and caregivers of any aged child are welcome to attend. This is a lifespan model, and we have caregivers of infants, kids, teens, and adult children struggling with their health and well being. Remember: It’s Never Too Early and Its Never Too Late!

Workshops run as a Thursday-Friday 2 day intensive six times each year: January, March, May, August, September, and November. Reduced fee spots are available as part of a research project in collaboration with York University. Register early, as spaces fill quickly and attendance is limited to 30 caregivers.

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