Self-Compassion for Parents & Caregivers

INTRODUCTION 1 What is self-compassion? Adaptive form of self-acceptance, emotion regulator and coping strategy. Self-compassion is “compassion turned inward” and refers to how we perceive ourselves in experiences of seeming failure, inadequacy, or personal suffering. Three elements of self-compassion i) Self-kindness Refers to the tendency to be kind, understanding and accepting toward oneself rather than harshly judgmental or self-critical when faced with adversity or suffering. [...]

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Repetitive Media: The Good and The Bad of Pandemic Coverage

Amid a second wave of the global Coronavirus pandemic in Canada, shoppers are hitting the stores to stock up on the limited supply of toilet paper, canned goods, and cleaning agents...where they can find them. With case numbers increasing daily and a current total of 481,630 confirmed cases in Canada (Government of Canada, 2020), shoppers are taking every opportunity they can to clear the shelves for essential items. With a full lockdown looming, have you done your big shop yet? How are you [...]

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Family Dinners Are Not Senate Hearings

During family holidays we might run into family members holding different values and subscribing to difference ideologies. Families across the world need unity over division more than ever, so how do we handle difficult discussion topics during these polarising times?   This holiday season, perhaps we prioritize harmony. This way, we can strengthen our support systems and seek to better understand how to support those around us. But how do we go about doing that? The first thing we can do is ask [...]

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Grieving the Loss of the World We Knew

It’s been almost one year since the COVID-19 pandemic dragged us onto a rollercoaster that never seems to stop going up and down. The life that we once viewed as ‘normal’ is being collectively grieved by the world, and it’s reasonable to say we are deeply longing for days where self-isolating ceases to exist. Along with complete social disruption, the shift in our everyday lives has brought about a great amount of discomfort and uncertainty. From the loss of hugging our family and friends, [...]

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COVID – 19: The Apocalypse of Love

The Corona virus pandemic is a twisted ironic beat in humanity’s recent narrative that not only tested our will to survive in the face of potential illness and death, but our will to survive in face of being deprived of two of the most important drives in human life: to work and to be with others. Social distancing has put us all in a bind: keep our loved ones safe by avoiding them. This has meant not touching them, not going out to dinner [...]

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5 Tips to Help You De-stress During this Difficult Time

News about the virus surfacing in Wuhan, China in late 2019, did not take many by shock. We had all thought the virus was under control, up until it simply wasn’t. With the danger of this poorly understood pandemic looming over us and an increasing number of people being affected every day, it has become imperative to keep distance from people in our lives. As a society, we thrive on dialectics, on the exchange of favors and services, and most of us have had a [...]

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