A Reflection on School Anxiety

How many of you have heard sentiments like these? “I can’t bring myself to get to school”, “I’m staying home”, “I can’t get out of bed”, “My anxiety is really high.” These are all common remarks that I, as a clinician, hear in child and adolescent mental health settings. Typically, students who refuse to attend school due to anxiety are not a rebellious group of individuals intent on boycotting their responsibilities. Rather, for these students, the process of leaving home and going to school [...]

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Coronasomnia: The second pandemic that is sweeping the nation

The COVID-19 pandemic has led health experts across the world to credit a second pandemic known as coronasomnia. Coronasomnia has been labelled as the insomnia individuals are experiencing because of the pandemic and higher levels of stress, anxiety, and depression. Since several lockdowns have occurred in Ontario, there has been a growing concern regarding lack of sleep. COVID-19 has created an environment in which disrupted routines and constant uncertainty have led to people reporting a lack of sleep. Studies have suggested mothers, essential workers, [...]

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Self Regulation: Strategies for Kids and Teens

Self regulation is our ability to manage our thoughts, feelings, and emotions in order to complete important activities. It involves how we respond and adapt to things that are stressful in our social, physical, or bodily environment. Everybody can have moments where we feel intense emotions or want to react right away.

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School Transitions: Considerations in Uncertain Times

During the COVID-19 pandemic, students have had to go through multiple transitions - from in- person class to remote learning and vice versa, transitioning from elementary school to middle school or middle school to high school, and perhaps transitions in caregiver availability. These transitions have been very challenging for everyone, and remote learning has impacted the learning experience for many students.