Parent Resource for Distance Learning

While some schools are returning to in-person classes, or have already done so, others are staying online. If your child is still doing school virtually, consider some of the tips below to continue helping them be successful in their studies, while also maintaining their overall wellbeing.

Coping with COVID Fatigue

Over the past year, many of us have become tired of the COVID – 19 prevention measures that we must follow. Many of us are desperate to go back to life without isolation, sanitization protocols, and constant discussions about the illness. However, it is important now more than ever to follow the guidelines that are in place in order to prevent the spread further in this second wave. This will be a challenge for many of us: How do we keep ourselves from solely [...]

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From Procrastination to Productivity: A Journey to the Most Productive You

In the midst of all the talk surrounding the distribution of the Coronavirus vaccine globally, things are looking up for a lot of us as we make it through the first months of 2021. In light of this advancement, a much-discussed pandemic topic has been surrounding productivity and the impact of the pandemic on the productivity of people at all stages of life. This includes students, working professionals, as well as parents and caregivers who must find ways of being productive outside the hours they [...]

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Curbing Excessive Screen Time

It’s hard to think back to a time where our lives were not virtual; where school was in person, and meetings were held in an office, not in our living room. Although there have been benefits to having our lives go virtual, a larger issue looms over us for our future generations: the impact of excessive screen time. Screen time refers to the usage of any technology: tablets, television, cellphones, laptops, and gaming consoles. Before COVID-19, research supported the conclusion that more hours spent online [...]

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Beating the Blues: 7 Activities for Family Bonding and Well-being During Lockdown

We made it, 2021! However, with a full year ahead of us, and the global COVID-19 pandemic still stuck with us like gum on a shoe, our plans to go out and live our previous understanding of ‘normal’ may still be on hold for a while. After almost a year of quarantining and lockdowns, you may have finally run out of new ideas to occupy your children, let alone yourselves! But fear not, we have some activities to help you beat the quarantine blues and [...]

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