A Reflection on Virtual Therapy

I will admit, I have never been the most tech savvy gal. While my closest friends pursued degrees in media and technology, graphics and design, I buried myself in books about psychology. When it came to research papers, I knew I could rely on my friends to help manage the technical difficulties that would arise. Naturally, they went on to pursue careers in marketing, fashion and advertising and I went on to become a mental health therapist. Five years into my career, and many [...]

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10 Things We Can do in the Midst of Covid-19

Staying informed (staying up to date with important and factual information from reliable sources in order to protect yourself and your loved ones). Focusing on what’s within your control right now (am I focusing on something that could happen but may not? Is this within my control? Can I do anything about it)? Setting boundaries (limiting the amount of time you spend reading the news or any other information that feels overwhelming). Practice mindfulness and grounding (taking time to unwind, take deep breaths, and [...]

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Assistive Technology

Assistive technology is a common recommendation following psychoeducational assessment for learning disabilities and many other learning challenges. Despite how commonly it is recommended, however, it can be confusing for both parents and students to understand its purpose and how it might support students in the classroom. There are also some misconceptions about assistive technology. This post will hopefully help you decide if technology can help your child succeed!

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What does ADHD look like? When we think about ADD or ADHD, most of us picture a hyper young boy, standing on desks, poking a classmate, and full ofenergy! Otherwise, we picture a total space cadet—a kids with his head in the clouds, who never seems to focus. However, while some people with ADHD reflect these prototypes, most do not. And while ADHD is diagnosed as a single disorder, it’s actually more of a spectrum. ADHD symptoms are expressed very differently between and within people [...]

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Yes, I am Young. And I really want to help.

As a child and family therapist, there is only one question I get asked by parents more frequently than, “How do I get my child away from screens?” The question is some variation of this one: “Do you work with kids (or families) like mine a lot?” They ask this question when I introduce myself as “Dr. Julia” and I see them looking at me and doing the math. They usually look at my business card, and then up at me, and then down at [...]

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