Services for kids in Divorce

Services for kids in Divorce2018-11-15T22:44:45-05:00
  • Can my child get services if my divorce is not final?
Dr. Mirisse Foroughe Answered question November 23, 2018

When parents are in the process of a divorce, it is certainly a time when kids may need support. However, professional services such as psychological assessment and therapy can also do more harm than good if the services become a source of more disagreement, or if one parent feels alienated from the process. In our experience, the best way to support a child is to work with their parents, providing consultation, co-parenting support, and providing tools to empower parents to help children through whatever may be hardest for them.

So the short answer is “yes” we can provide services for the child, but these services will be primarily with parents, and both parents would need to fully agree before their child would be involved in the process. This approach protects everyone from further harm, and ensures that children come to know therapy as a safe place.

Dr. Mirisse Foroughe Answered question November 23, 2018